Fellowes High School has proud tradition of growth within its community.

Fellowes High School welcomed its first students September 8, 1970 and over 50 years later we're still here. But why are we called Fellowes? We are named after Maynard S. Fellowes Who was a respected School Board Chairman Trustee from 1939-1969.

Our colours are proudly Gold & Black and the mighty Falcon is our guide. Our Falcon Ambassador is Freddy! There is no one who cheers louder than him!

Our School Motto is: Opportunity for Growth and Success. Fellowes educators give every opportunity for Growth. When Students have Growth in their studies it leads to Opportunity. And we hope that those Opportunities lead to Success during & after High School. We are proud of every student that has graced our classroom with their presence.

Our Mission Statement 

We the staff of Fellowes High School in partnership with students, parents and the community are committed to sharing responsibility for student learning and well being. Our mission is to equip students with the literacy, numeracy and problem-solving skills needed to meet the challenges of the future with optimism, confidence and passion. Through high expectations and working collaboratively we will encourage all students to focus on learning, to respect all people and the world around them and to take responsibility for their own success.

 FHS Pledge